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August 4, 1964. Nora starts a new life “passing” as a white woman while her sister, Carrie, travels to the Deep South to register Blacks to vote. The bodies of three civil rights workers have just been found in Mississippi, leading the sisters to question the price of civil rights, Black identity and what it means to be Free.




Performance Details
Winston Salem
Show Dates and Times:
Thursday, March 19 @7:30pm
Friday, March 20 @7:30pm
Saturday March 21 @3pm
Saturday, March 21 @7:30
Sunday, March. 22 @3pm
Written by: Cynthia Grace Robinson
Duration: 2 hours
No. of Performances:
Intermissions: 1 Intermission
Theater Location: Reynolds Place Theatre
Number of Seats:
Ticket Prices: $30 adults  $23 students and seniors   $18 children under 15



Cynthia Grace Robinson