Funny Colored Women Gettin’ the Last Laugh

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Late Night Comedy Show.  These five outrageous, bodacious, hilarious women telling their truth will make you laugh till the tears roll. Hosted by Mariann Aalda (M.O.I.S.T!) and Rhonda Hansome (Arsenio Hall Show).  For more information please visit

Performed by: SitMyAssDown Comedy Productions
New York, NY and Chicago, IL
Featuring: Holly Lynnea, Roxanne Reese, and Hermine Wise
Performance Dates, Times, and Costs: Wednesday, August 2, 10:30pm, $41 (#57)
Thursday, August 3, 10:30pm, $41 (#78)
Friday, August 4, 10:30pm, $41 (#111)
Saturday, August 5, 10:30pm, $41 (#148)

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