Gettin’ Old is a Bitch…But I’m Gonna Wrestle That Bitch to the Ground:

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Ginger Peechee-Keane of the NBTF hit M.O.I.S.T. Back by popular demand! With more tips for sassy and bodacious grown folks on how to enhance their sexy grown folks business. Batteries not included.

Performed by: SitMyAssDown Comedy Productions
Chicago, IL
Written by and Starring: Mariann Aalda as
Adult Sex-Ed Evangelist and Mojo Motivator, Dr. Ginger
Performance Dates, Times, and Costs: Wednesday, July 31, 10:30pm, $46 (#50)
Thursday, August 1, 10:30pm, $46 (#73)
Friday, August 2, 10:30pm, $46 (#99)
Saturday, August 3, 10:30pm, $46 (#131)

A Sneak Peek