Michael Colyar’s Momma

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A comedic, loving tribute to awesome influences of Mom and God.  A flawed, spiritual journey of a brother from Chicago’s Projects to Hollywood, poverty to wealth, (rich 3 times, broke 17), crack to 6 years of sobriety, living the dream!

PLEASE NOTE: This performance contains strong language.


Performed by: The Rayloc Group and a Bunch of Folks with Money
Beverly Hills, CA
Written by: Michael Colyar
Directed by: Iona Morris
Performance Dates, Times, and Costs: Tuesday, August 1, 8:00pm, $44 (#22)
Wednesday, August 2, 3:00pm, $44 (#38)
Wednesday, August 2, 8:00pm, $44 (#55)
Thursday, August 3, 3:00pm, $44 (#68)