Pooled: A Gospel Musical Drama

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Follow Delsin Jacobs’ determination to be the next person to receive healing from the Pool of Bethesda when its waters are troubled during this moving drama, told through the powerful sound of the best in gospel music. You’ll learn how his quest is tested upon hearing the stories of others gathered at the pool and feel the power of your own pool experience.

Performed by: Li V Mahob Productions
Raleigh, NC
Written by: Moses T. Alexander Greene
Directed by: Deb Royals-Mizerk
Performance Dates, Times, and Costs: Friday, August 2, 3:00pm, $46 (#79)
Friday, August 2, 8:00pm, $46 (#94)
Saturday, August 3, 3:00pm, $46 (#111)
Saturday, August 3, 8:00pm, $46 (#127)