Reunion In Bartersville

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Surviving members of the small 1935 high school class in a Texas town, gather for a reunion 50 years later. There is one more survivor than the four who first get together realize, and it is when he arrives in the second act that the tale turns from merry hypocrisy and merry malice to the unmasking of a killer.

Performed by: Black Spectrum Theatre Company, Inc.
New York, NY
Written by: Celeste Bedford Walker
Directed by: Marjorie Moon
Performance Dates, Times, and Costs: Tuesday, July 30, 8:00pm, $43 (#19)
Wednesday, July 31, 3:00pm, $43 (#31)
Wednesday, July 31, 8:00pm, $43 (#44)
Thursday, August 1, 3:00pm, $43 (#54)