Black Theatre Network (BTN)

The Black Theatre Network is comprised of artists, educators, scholars, students and theatre lovers who are dedicated to the exploration and preservation of the theatrical visions of the African Diaspora. For 30 years, the Black Theatre Network has collected, processed and distributed information that supports the professional and personal development of its membership.



North Carolina Theatre Conference (NCTC)

The mission of the North Carolina Theatre Conference is to strengthen NC’s vibrant theatre industry and engage tomorrow’s artists, audiences and advocates. The vision is to champion a theatre industry that is strong, sustainable, innovative, collaborative and connected.


Southeastern Theatre Conference (SETC)

SETC is the strongest and broadest network of theatre practitioners in the United States. It provides extensive resources and year-round opportunities for its constituents. Its services, publications, and products contribute significantly to the careers of emerging artists, seasoned professionals and academicians.



Theatre Communications Group (TCG)

Theatre Communications Group (TCG) exists to strengthen, nurture, and promote professional theatre in the U.S. and globally. Since its founding in 1961, TCG’s constituency has grown from a handful of groundbreaking theatres to over 700 Member Theatres and affiliate organizations and nearly 10,000 Individual Members.